This project has received funding from the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement no 612789


In this section we offer you a set of materials, freely available for download in different languages.

General presentation - Danish, Dutch, English, Italian, German, Spanish, Turkish

Project's factsheet - Danish, Dutch, English, Italian, German, Spanish, Turkish

Project's flyer - English

Project's booklet - English, Danish, Italian, Spanish

Project's poster - English

Project's roll-up - English

Project's slideshow - English

Taxonomy Flyer - English

IPR Flyer - English

Co-creation Flyer - English

Economics of Culture Flyer - English

Food and Cultural Heritage Flyer - English

Digital Libraries, Collections, Exhibitions and Users Flyer - English

RICHES Book Flyer - English

Bookmarks: First International Conference, First Policy Seminar

Posters for the First International Conference: 35x50, 70x100, 140x200

Newsletters: Issue 1, Issue 2 (eng), Issue 2 (ita), Issue 3, Issue 4, Issue 5

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The dissemination work is dedicated to spreading awareness of the activities and outcomes of the project, in order to maximise the impact of the project’s work through a programme of public events, publications and engagement with the key target audiences.

RICHES audiences are:

- Cultural ministries of member states within and beyond the project partnership;

- Regional, national and states authorities;

- Public administrations;

- European Institutions;

- Cultural Heritage organisations;

- Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences experts and researchers;

- SMEs working in the digital cultural economy;

- Industrial associations and organisations dealing with creative industries;

- General public and citizen-scientists.

Dissemination main tasks are:

publishing the project web-site, to ensure a RICHES web presence;

producing a periodically updated dissemination plan, in order to give the dissemination activities a clear baseline;

producing dissemination material (brochures, flyers, factsheets, posters etc.);

organising workshops and conferences:

- 2 International conferences (one in Pisa, Italy, and one in Coventry, UK),

- 3 workshops (Barcelona, Ankara, Berlin),

- 3 co-creation sessions (the Netherlands),

- 2 policy seminars (Brussels).

Networking and concertation activities will enlarge the RICHES network by establishing and retaining contacts with experts and researchers of the relevant fields, coming from outside the project partnership, and by seeking synergies and cooperation with other projects.

The main dissemination tools and channels are:

evidence-based policy reports; focus groups/workshops and two public conferences (Pisa and Coventry);

publication of a book, “Cultural Heritage in a Changing World”;

the project web-site; the social networks;

Media and Press;

collaboration with Net4Society (International Network of National Contact Points for Socio-economic Sciences and Humanities in FP7);

collaboration with events and workshops organised by other institutions and projects;

concertation meetings organised by EC.

A continuously updated showcase about RICHES is maintained in the virtual magazine, the Official Media Partner of the project.


Official Media Partner: Digital Meets Culture.

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